AWD-ROBOT Right-angle Coordinate Robot is one of the perfect and dependable robot in the world. There are thousands of successful cases in Europe for about 30 years. In China, nearly one hundred customers is steadily using our products. AWD cooperates with the most famous robots manufactory which can provide perfect and dependable products in cluding single-dimension to multi-dimension motions , simple motion to multi-dimension interpolation linkage motions. There is a seasoned design team which can provide the best cases suit to you consult space position ,technology and working procedure, loads, motion model, operation interface and other requirements.
  Definition of Right-angle Coordinate Robot based on single-dimension linear motion unit, establish space multi-degree of freedom and multi-direction motion structure . Often it is drived by servo that can achieve multi-dimension interpolation linkage and matching motions for every direction linear motion unit.
   Applications: for each tache automatization link up , logistics , convey and pile up equipment (such as food /cosmetic industry, electron instrument and various of parts ) , large-scale many working procedure gelatinization machine , doting glue machine, non-damage monitor equipment, vision testing equipment, marking machine, laser maching, jointing , track simulation machine (war industry ) ,situation of martial products and anti-explosion in large-scale manufactory.